Teaching techniques

GOLF PARK holds the exclusive franchise for Spain and Portugal of the JACK NICKLAUS´ golf teaching method and, thanks to that we are regarded as the BEST GOLF ACADEMY of Spain and one of the very best of Europe.

This learning technique has been developed by JACK NICKLAUS and consists of an enjoyable and personalized methodology based on the adaptation of the swing to each single player’s conditions. This technique will make the player enjoy his time extremely while he learns to play golf.

A method suitable to players from all levels, based on the handling of the golf clubs accordingly to the pendular movement theory and the muscular agility required to facilitate a flowing movement (swing). It gives relevance to the sensation transmitted by the weighth of the club´s head and how to use its inertia to create a repetitive swing effortlessly.The club is the priority element in the whole teaching program, the body complements the movement and reacts to what the weight of the club head dictates .

Another important singularity of Nicklaus’ philosophy is teaching all the short game features, so that it is compatible with learning long distance shots. The basic principles are maintained, including only few adjustments necessary to each kind of stroke and player. This way concepts are simplified to the highest level. The idea is that players have fun in class while they learn enjoying themselves with the teachers.

At GOLF PARK School, every teacher apply Jack Nicklaus’ system homogenously. Each teacher is previously instructed for 3 months, learning step by step the whole system and then approving the aptitude test. In this sense, we are pioneers in Spain in developing a teaching methodology and in offering uniformity among all teachers.

You will also be provided with the latest technological advances applicable to golf learning, such as the Swing’s Analyzer on video and computer. This sophisticated system allows to film the player from two different angles at a time, which helps the teacher to compare the characteristics of the player’s swing to the ones of the best players in the world, emphasizing references and simultaneous stills in order to highlight any technical faults and the suitable corrections. The player can take home the recording with all the corrections, exercises and remarks of his teacher for him to relive the class as many times as he wishes.