Our Environmental policy

In Golf Park Puntiró we have developed ways to work that will help to protect the environment and which are considered ecological.


In the maintenance building we separate the rubbish and deposit it in its corresponding containers. This aspect has a double facet of reeducation of the maintenance workers, whom in many cases did not have this habit and perhaps from now on they extend this to their homes. The oils used for the machinery are gathered by companies which recycle these materials. The empty package of insecticide are taking to a specific collection point ( Sigfito) where they will be properly processed.


We try to minimize the use of insecticides as far as possible and we never throw away leftovers for the simple reason of not creating more treatment liquid than necessary. If there are leftovers they will be applied at a point of the course where we think it is suitable. The used fertilizers are, with some exceptions, of controlled liberation this way avoiding the continuous bombing of fertilizers which easily affects the ground layers. This way there is a lot of cutting of the grass so this incorporates again in the new nutrition cycle of the plant.


The power saving is obtained, for example, with the use of solar lenses that illuminate places of the buildings that normally would be dark and would require continuous use of electrical energy. The sprinklers are optimized so it takes as less time as possible, avoiding this way the excessive use of electricity. We use the sprinklers as less time as possible for obvious reasons. The bathrooms of the buildings have presence sensors, so there is no risk of leaving the lights switched on. The lights outside are controlled with timers which can be changed according to the hours of sunlight.


Water management is perhaps one of the most cared aspects, because of the scarcity of this element and the importance that it has on a golf course. The sprinkler system has a meteorology station build in. This system, with help of the station, optimizes the water applied to the course, avoiding wastage of water which in other ´more traditional´ agricultural sectors is so familiar. The database from the system also registers the amount of water used to have a control over this. The meteorology station recompiles dates of evaporation, humidity, temperature and all types of control parameters of the water cycle which are helpful for proper management. In addition our facilities include a deposit of bioremediation of their own wastewater which are obtained from the buildings here. After being treated water is incorporated in the lakes or for sprinkling use, this way maximizing ever drop of water which is used. The drains of the course are connected to the lakes to use any excess water or rainwater for sprinkling.


The flora and fauna projects relate to the future development of a taxanomic catalog of all animal and plant species that can be seen on the farm and the development of a herbarium of plants from the farm. This is to inform the staff and visitors from Puntiró on the natural wealth that the parcel has.

As short term project there is the implantation of ISO 14001 to secure the environmental quality which Golf Park Puntiro possesses.